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October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

"Healing Choices: Controlled by Circumstance or Character?"

“It is better to win control over yourself than over whole cities.”Proverbs 16: 32 TEV

When we say things like, “That makes me so mad…so sad…feel so bad…,” what we are actually saying is that circumstances control the way we feel. We do have another choice about that.

We have the ability to make healing choices. We can choose to remain positive or we can choose to let some circumstances “make us” anything. God has a preference for us. Listen to His Way!

The ability to control our reactions, to handle hurt without retaliating is called meekness. Meekness isn’t being a wimp. It’s about controlling your reaction towards life. It gives you far more control over a situation.

During WWII the noted psychiatrist Victor Frankl was a prisoner in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. As you can imagine this was a very degrading situation. How could he deal with it?

Fankl writes, “They took my clothes, my wife, my kids, my wedding ring. I stood naked before the SS and I realized they can take everything in my life but they cannot take my freedom to choose how I respond to them.”

That is a freedom you always have. How do I react? How do I choose to react to those people who hurt me?

Jesus says you will be blessed when you show self-control. You might think that that excludes you because you can’t get your emotions under control. That’s simply not true.

The secret of controlling your reaction is to let God’s Spirit fill your life moment-by-moment. He’ll help you break all those bad habits; negative patterns of reacting and reacting defensively

Some of us are stressed out by life, by circumstances or by relationships. What do we need more than anything else? We need to develop the quality of meekness; the quality of controlling our reactions by the Spirit God has placed in us.

When we do that we shall truly be free.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don

P.S.: The devotion will be on vacation because of the Columbus Day holiday. It will be backon Tuesday.