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May 21, 2014

May 21, 2014

"Peace is not Problem-Free Living"

“I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.”  John 14: 27 NLT

I recently bought a GPS unit.  I was encouraged to buy a service contract so that I would have peace of mind.  It always intrigues me that people think that something you purchase will give you peace.  People often look in all the wrong places for it.

The truth is very few people are at peace with themselves.  Most carry a high degree of stress, anxiety or tension in their lives.  As a pastor I’ve noticed there are three things that tend to rob our peace:

1.  When circumstances are uncontrollable, we often lose our peace.

Much of life is beyond our control.  Gridlocked traffic; a couple trying desperately for a baby; when things, big or small, happen; we get frustrated and lose our peace of mind.

2.  When people are unchangeable, we tend to lose our peace.

People naturally resist change and they resent it when you try to change them.  In that situation, both normally lose their peace.

3.  When problems are unexplainable, it’s easy to lose our peace.

Life is not fair.  Not every story has a happy ending.  What makes it even more difficult is when we don’t understand why.  That tends to make us more anxious, nervous and stressed.

God knows we need peace.  It’s one of his many names, God of Peace.  In our verse for today Jesus says He is leaving us a gift of peace.

Focus on that.  Peace is a gift.  We don’t earn it; we don’t deserve it.  It has nothing to do with problem-free living.  It is simply a gift you must accept.  It’s available now.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don