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May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014

"Shift to a New Soundtrack"

“Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”  Romans 12: 2a NLT

Like a computer, your brain really doesn't forget anything.  It’s stored somewhere in your mind.  You may not always be able to retrieve it, but it’s still in there.  They are your memories.

The good news is your brain stores everything.  The bad news is your brain stores everything.  It can’t distinguish between what’s imaginary and what’s real.

You have stored all kinds of garbage in your brain.  It’s often that garbage that you’re basing decisions upon.  Those things were planted when you were young, often by unthinking adults.

They said things like:

You’re not very coordinated.

You’re not very good at math.

You’ll always struggle with your weight.

You’ll never be as good as your brother.

These, and other things, were lies then; they’re lies now.  Unfortunately, they were stored in your memory and when you hear anything like them your body reacts to it.

So how do you deal with those memories?  Change the tapes.  Listen to God’s Word rather than those bad memories that keep you in bondage or prison.

You can ask God to heal your memories and fill your mind with God’s Word.  The more you do that the less impact those memories will have on you.

Make Jesus the most important person in your life and it will change everything.  He says you’re loveable, capable, valuable, forgivable and finally, useable.

Let that become the soundtrack of your life.  You will never be the same!

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don