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March 26, 2014

March 26, 2014

"God's Word Will Transform Your Life!"

“If you abide in my Word, you are my disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  John 8: 31b – 32 NKJV

There is one thing in the world that has changed more lives than any other discovery.  It’s the Bible.  It’s helped people who are addicted find recovery; those abused recover from it and the list goes on.  You can hear people tell that story many times over.

All the laws in the world, all the politicians, all the scientists who would like to save the world; even those who would like to outlaw bigotry and racism.  They cannot accomplish it unless God is involved in it.

It’s kind of interesting that many universities use the last half of this verse, “The truth shall make you free” as a motto on their buildings.  Often times, they are mistaken about what that truth is.  It has nothing to do with Jesus.

Your opinions, or the opinions of others, will not set you free.  All the wisdom of the world will not set you free.  Only the Bible will.  Even when obeying the Bible is hard and uncomfortable, it will set you free.

Do you believe everything you read online?  How about everything you see on TV?  Certainly not!  How about the newspapers or magazines?  No.  Yet, you probably spend a lot of time watching and reading them.

The fundamental question you’ll face in life is this:  what will be your authority?  Will it be God’s Word or the world’s wisdom?  Will it be what God says is true or public opinion?  You get to decide; you may have to do it soon.  Make sure you make the right choice.

If the Bible isn’t infallible, inerrant and flawless, you’re in a heap of trouble.  The Bible tells you how you can be saved.  It tells you that your life isn’t an accident.  It tells you how to be forgiven and how God can use you for good in the world.

If the Bible isn’t true, absolutely true, then life is meaningless and pointless.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don