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March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

"God Created Us for Adventure"

“(God’s) intent was that now, through the church the manifold wisdom of God should be made known…”  Ephesians 3: 10 NIV

God made us for great adventure; it’s why we like movies.  Movies have a story to them, and often time, an adventure to follow through.  We’re also attracted to things that call us to “go boldly where no man has gone before” as they said on Star Trek.

That’s not a mistake or an accident.  God made us to long for adventure – His adventure.  He has called us, who are believers, to join Him in a rescue mission, to seek and to save the lost and to complete the Great Commission.

The best news is that we’re not in it on our own.  He wants to go with us.  He called us to be the Church.  He’s using the church in order to accomplish that mission.  Jesus promised that He would always be with us.

In that sense, these are great days to be alive and be a Christian.  We’re living in a time when the possibility of completing the Great Commission is more likely than it has ever been before.

Why is that?  Because we have dozens of kinds of transportation, the ability to contact people in far distant places, even being able to see and talk at the same time.  There is an ease with which we are able to do those things.

You might receive this devotional even if you’re away on vacation or in another country.  Why does God want you to have this devotion?  So that you will understand that He has invited you to be part of that adventure.  You are the one God wants to use.

You may think of yourself as an everyday, ordinary person.  But God knows differently.  He takes everyday, ordinary people and uses them to accomplish great things on His part.

Being part of His mission to call the world to the faith in Jesus Christ would be the greatest privilege of your life.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don