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June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014

"Overwhelmed? Stand Strong!"
“Put your trust in the Lord your God and you will stand your ground. Believe what His prophets tell you, and you will succeed.”

2 Chronicles 20b GNT

The biggest mistake people make when overwhelmed is focusing on the problem. They don’t look to God. Theyput their eyes on the problem, which often makes it more difficult, rather than on God.

Ever asked somebody how they’re doing and be told by them, “I’m doing OK – under the circumstances.” What circumstances and why are they under them?

God wants you to be on top of them. They’re meant to be like the mattress you sleep on each night. On top of it you’ll rest easy; under it you’ll suffocate.

What are you focusing on right now? If it’s anything but God you’re going to probably be facing some trouble. When you focus on Godproblems come in to better focus.

The reason you’re so tired all the time is because you’re trying to fight battles that belong to God. Inevitably we fail and are disappointed in ourselves. Then we guiltily turn to him, feeling we’ve disappointed Him.

Guess what? You cannot disappoint God. That's what grace is all about. It’s a free gift when you trust in His Son, Jesus Christ.

So if God is not interested in you fighting His battles, what is He interested in? Two words: “stand strong.” What does it mean? It’s a mental attitude; an attitude of quiet confidence. You’re going to stay put and watch God work. You’re going to stay strong in Him.

When we run away from problems that isn’t “standing strong.” Every problem is an opportunity for us to learn about and from God. Sometimes those problems come back because we haven’t learned what we need to.

Do you want to be successful? Then stand on two things: the character of God and the Word of God. Have faith in the character of God and what His prophets have said.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don