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July 5, 2017

July 5, 2017

"Thank God When He
Answers Your Prayers"

“Oh Lord, now I have heard your report and I worship you in awe …”Habakkuk 3: 2 TLB

How do you hear God speak?  Worship Him.  In other words, thank Him for being a part of your life and for entering into the details of it.  

It is God who leads and guides you in life.  He gives you the vision for what you should accomplish and a dream.  What He wants you to do is thank Him for answering your prayers.  

Part of the dilemma is we see prayer as a monologue.  We tell God what we want and expect Him to deliver it.  We forget that part of talking to God is listening.  God wants us to talk to Him every day.  When we do that, it will revolutionize how we live our lives.  

You’ll become so acquainted with God that you’ll catch those little things that He’s trying to communicate to you.  You want to remember though, that you can’t hear God until you know Him.  There are three levels of knowing God:  recognition, acquaintance and friendship.

In recognition you know there is a God but you’re not really talking or listening to Him.  At the acquaintance level you know a little bit about God but you don’t know Him very well.  It’s great that you’re acquainted with Him but God has a bigger plan than that.  

God wants you to live at the friendship level.  He wants to be your friend and wants you to be His friend.  Just like Adam and Eve, He wants to walk and talk with you.  I believe prayer is not just folding your hands and bowing your head.  It’s having a conversation with God.  I hope it will be an ongoing conversation with Him as you live your life out each day.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don