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July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017

"Jesus Comes in the Storm"

“About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came towards them, walking on the water.”  Mark 6: 48b NLT

You probably remember the story in Mark 6.  Jesus sent the disciples ahead of Him across the lake.  He wanted to pray by Himself.  It took them forever because they were blown off course by a storm.  When Jesus saw how they were struggling, He came to their aid.

Ever been out on the lake in a storm?  Perhaps you had no intention of going where you went.  Perhaps, you've been blown off course by situations you couldn’t control.  Perhaps, you’ve given up hope of ever getting where you thought you’d like to go.  

Maybe you had big dreams for your life that you gave up on a long time ago.  You’re not even worried about progress anymore.  You’re only question:  “Can I survive?”

When the disciples were desperate, Jesus came to them.  He does the same thing for us.  He doesn’t invite us to come to Him.  He comes to us.  

If we saw people struggling on the lake I imagine we might stand on the shore and yell to them.  That’s all we'd feel like we could do because we don’t want to risk anything.  Jesus risked it all.  He came to show them.  He intervened in the disciples’ storm.

That’s good news that whatever storm you’re going through right now, Jesus is ready to intervene.  He’s going to meet you in your pain, fear, depression or storm.  He’ll come to you when you’re discouraged.  That’s the type of love He has for you.  

You may feel abandoned right at this moment, but you’re not.  Jesus says He’ll never abandon you and He keeps His word.  He’s right there beside you.  He’ll calm the storm and help you to get where He wants you to be.  

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don