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Members Events


Sunday School is not just for kids! We have a teen groups as well as three groups for adults to choose from:

  • The Book of Acts (meeting in Prayer Room)

What the 21st century church can learn and be encouraged by from the 1st century church as it spread Christ’s Gospel throughout the known world. Facilitated by Bob Smith and others

  • The Book of Esther (meeting in the Music/Tech Room)

Have you ever felt that God put you in a place for a special reason at a special time? What did you do when you found yourself there? Did it take courage and character to follow God’s call? All this and more will be what we’ll discover as we look at and talk about the young woman who became Queen and went on to save her whole nation. Facilitated by Pastor and others

  • “The Parables: Understanding What Jesus Meant” (meeting in Andrew’s Room)

Join this group as they explore this topic through Gary Inrig’s book. Inrig reveals Jesus’ parables as “Windows into God’s very Heart and Mind.” The group will read and discuss how Inrig makes these timeless parables personal and real. (Books are $12 and will be available at the first class) Facilitated by Sandy Voigt



The book and DVD that form the basis of our study is “All In” by Mark Batterson. He is the lead Pastor for National Community Church in Washington, D.C.. It is recognized as “one of America’s 25 most innovative churches.” We’ll explore what it means to be "all in” for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All our growth groups will be doing the same study for the fall, so your decision is when do you want to come.

Listed below is the information on the groups:

Group A – Sunday, Sept. 30th meeting at6 PM at church in the Teen Room. Steve & Cindy Hemingway are facilitating. This group will meet for next five continuing Sundays.

Group B – Monday, Oct. 1st meeting at 7 PM at Muller’s, 84 Arlington Park. Meeting schedule will be determined by the group. Roxann Muller will facilitate.

Group C – Wednesday, Oct. 3rd meeting at 7 PM here at church in the Gathering Space. We will meet six consecutive Wednesdays excluding Oct. 31. Pastor will facilitate.

Group D – Thursday, Oct. 11 meeting at 1 PM at church in the Teen Room. They will meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Gayle Hendershot and Jane Zagata will facilitate.

Group E – Sunday, Oct. 14 meeting at 6:30 - 8 PM at Kathey Drennan’s house 287 Silver Creek Dr., Clifton Springs, NY 14432. They will meet for five consecutive weeks. Kathey Drennan and Sandy Voigt will facilitate.


“A Beastly Christmas” is the title of our musical this year. We need lots of animals for the show, so if you are inclined to be “beastly,” come join us on September 30 at 12:30 to get started. Performances will be on Dec. 1 & 2. We need actors, readers, set helpers, back stage helpers and costume makers. Actors and readers should plan to be present for at least 8 out of the 10 rehearsals. Other helpers could work when available. Once again, we will share the Good News about Jesus while having a rollicking good time!


The prayer team would like to create another Advent Devotional booklet this year and we need your help. As before, we are asking for devotions written by members of the congregation. Anyone is eligible to participate from age 4 to 104, whether you are an official member of Good Shepherd or not, whether you are a new attendee or a long-term member, we want to hear from YOU!

The subject should be related to Advent, Christmas, or Epiphany. You can write a prayer, a poem, a story, expound on a Bible verse; something that you think will help people receive the message of the season. Try to keep it no more than about 300 words (to fit on a page). We can provide examples if you're not sure how to get started. We'll provide more details soon, but please begin to think about what you might like to say. If you have any questions contact the church office or speak with a member of the prayer team: Kathy Chapman, Kathey Drennan, Steve & Cindy Hemingway, Pastor & Roxann Muller, Christa Schneider, Amanda Reding, Greg Quinn, Jacki Scheib, Jane Zagata.


Good Shepherd is active with a wide range of “teams” that carry out the mission of our church – “Sharing Christ, Changing Lives!” Each team focuses on an aspect of ministry or mission. Each month, there will be a slide on the monitor, highlighting one team - what it does and how YOU can be a valued part! So watch for the various teams as they are showcased. You can also check out Page 15 of this bulletin, where every team is listed, and who to contact if YOU would like to join! ALL TEAMS NEED PLAYERS TO WIN! Consider joining one!


Community Events


We were able to buy all the plastic boxes we need for our church packing project! Thank you for your support. Watch the kiosk for the weekly goal of a particular item to go into these boxes. If you would like to purchase a plastic box for the OCC boxes you are packing at home you may sign up on the Wittenberg Door. The cost of each box is $2. If you are packing boxes at home and wondering about age categories, OCC groups children by gender 2 - 4, 5 – 9, 10 – 14. You may wish to keep this in mind when packing your boxes. Happy packing!


Come and join the fun as Thrivent Financial hosts another night at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. The event takes place on Sun., Oct. 7.

5:30 – 6:30 PM Thrivent members are invited to enjoy dinner and hear about the Thrivent network and upcoming events. Each Thrivent member can bring up to three guests to this meeting.

6:30 – 9 PM Thrivent Members and other like-hearted Christians are invited to enjoy the museum for free. You’ll have the opportunity to tour the museum and enjoy all it has to offer. Light refreshments will be offered. This event is free. However, we are requesting donations of non-perishable food items for the food pantry at Loop Ministries.

Please e-mail the office and we’ll send you the link to register.


Join us as we partner with Thrivent Financial and Habitat for Humanity to help clean up our neighborhoods. On Saturday, Oct. 13 we’re invited to help build picnic tables, clean up Jefferson Park, spruce up the Pleasant St. neighborhood and do sidewalk and curb side landscaping and rake leaves. The time is 8:30AM – 12:30PM. You can sign up on your connection card or on the Wittenberg Door. Interested in a little more involvement? From Sept 24 – 29 Habitat will be working on two sheds at 66 Foster St. and 41 Saltonstall St. from 8:30AM – 3PM. You can contact their volunteer coordinator Alyson Hildebrandt at 396-3600 if you’re interested in participating.


“Comfort Food for Comfort Care” at Good Shepherd. Pulled Pork Take Out Dinner, Saturday October 13. 4pm – 7pm or until sold out. Meal includes sweet succulent pulled pork, roll, salt potatoes, southern coleslaw and a choice of dessert or cookie (gluten free roll or cookie available on request). Dinners are $10 each with a discount for 4 or more. Cash or check. Presale preferred please phone Light Hill 393-1311. Tickets available from Sandy Voigt or at Light Hill or day of at Good Shepherd.



Several weeks ago John Erway, a missionary from Ghana was with us. His wife was supposed to come, but she had hurt her back and was unable to travel. When he was asked about his health care here, he explained that they have a high deductible policy, so the cost for an MRI, medication and the like was going to come out of their pockets. A number of people have asked if we would be willing to offer some support to them. If you would like to make a gift to assist them in their need, please put it in an envelope today or by next weekend. Put your name on the outside and mark it “Erway” and we will see that it gets to them. If making your donation by check, please make it payable to church.