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Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional 

"Step 4 in Crisis:  Show God You're Serious"

“As I prayed, I fasted and wore rough sack cloth, and I sprinkled myself with ashes.”  Daniel 9: 3b TLB

So far we’ve talked about the way we learn how to pray in a crisis:  let God speak to us before we speak to Him; focus our attention on God and seek Him; express our desires and emotions.  

Here’s the next step:  


We need to signal God that we mean business about our needs.  It isn’t just whim or causal thought.  It’s important.  To do that Daniel fasted, put on rough cloth and sat in ashes.  

Let’s focus on the first thing he did:  he fasted from food.  Fasting is a spiritual discipline that people have employed for centuries.  Jesus said that there are some miracles that only happen through prayer and fasting.  Why?  Fasting tells God we’re serious about the prayer.  

As you look through the Bible you’ll find many references to fasting.  Moses fasted before he received the Ten Commandments.  The Israelites fasted before they went into many of their major battles.  Nehemiah fasted before he began a major building project.  Jesus fasted in victory over temptation.  

When you have a crisis, you want to show God you mean business.  Fasting is an effective way to do this.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don