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August 2, 2017

August 2, 2017

"Don't Just Get Rid of Your Stuff:  
Sell It!"

“Get rid of every idol.”  Ezekiel 20: 7a TLB

Most of us have stuff.  Some of us have more than we need.  Some have so much stuff we’ve had to rent a place to store it.  It’s one of the fastest growing businesses in America.  

Can you imagine paying rent to store stuff that you haven’t used in over a year or more?  Maybe you don’t want to hear that.  But here’s something to think about, if you’re in debt and you can’t give or save and you’re living on credit, it’s time to ask yourself seriously, “what can I get rid of?”  

I know that may sound brutal.  If you’ve paid for it already why should you get rid of it?  It's not just about paying for it, you also pay to maintain it.  Those things that you’re storing might be the route for you to escape from the debt trap you are in.  If you own so much that it owns you, you are possessed by your possession.  

God has a word that describes it.  They are idols.  The first commandment warns us that if we put anything before God, we are making it our idol.  

Selling it, rather than throwing it out, actually gives you a benefit.  You can use the money you raise to get out of debt, changing your financial mindset so that you can honor God with your giving, saving and spending.  

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don