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April 4, 2017

April 4, 2017

"Jesus Died of a Broken Heart"

“That’s what Christ did definitely:  suffered because of other’s sins, the righteous one for the unrighteous ones.  He went through it all – was put to death and then made alive – to bring us to God.” 
1 Peter 3: 18 MSG

Easter celebrates the event that proves Jesus was who He claimed to be.  He was God in the flesh, and He came to earth to save us.  To accomplish that, He had to die.  

After a night of beatings, mocking, being crowned with painful thorns, Jesus was crucified.  It's an incredibly hard way to die.  His hands are stretched out wide across the cross and nailed through the two bones in each wrist.  As the nails went through this part of the flesh, they would strike the nerve that travels up the arm and causes excruciating pain.  

When you hang on the cross for a period of time, the muscles in your chest cavity become paralyzed.  You can breathe in but you can’t breathe out.  So death on the cross becomes a matter of suffocation, except the Romans didn’t want it that easy.  They’d take a person’s knees and bend them a little bit and nail their feet to the cross.  

So you would hang in agony until the pain in the chest was about to explode.  Then you could lift yourself up on the nailed feet to grab a breath.  But now the feet hurt.  When that pain became unbearable you’d let yourself down again and the pain in your lungs would become unbearable.  

If you remember, in the Gospels soldiers are sent out to break the legs of those on the cross before the Passover so that death will come more quickly.  But Jesus was already dead. They didn’t have to break His legs.  But just to make sure He was dead, they struck Him with a spear in His side.  Blood and water flowed out.  Doctors say that only happens if the heart has been ripped.  You can call it what you want, but I would say Jesus died of a broken heart.  

Why did Jesus have to die?  Because He alone was able to pay for your sins.  You and I are the ones who should die for for punishment of our sins, but Jesus paid the penalty for us.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don