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April 28, 2017

April 28, 2017

"God is Working for Your Good!"

“Surely your goodness … will pursue me all the days of my life.”  
Psalm 23: 6a NLT

Yesterday we talked about God walking with us.  A lot of times we think that’s were He’s going to walk with us when we begin, but even in the middle of the hurts, habits and hang-ups God is still with us.  

When King David says, “Surely your goodness will pursue me,” he’s not saying that only good things will happen.  He knew as well as you do that bad things happen to good people.  

So David’s point is not that God is going to change the things that happen.  He’s going to change the situations in our relationships when they happen.  We won’t be alone because He’ll be with us.  And when He’s with us He’s always trying to work it out for good.  

That’s one of God’s great promises to us.  To paraphrase Romans 8: 28 no matter happens, God is working for good because He has called us and He has plans for us.  It’s not that all things are good but that God is working for good in all things.

There is no difficulty, dilemma, defeat, or disaster in the life of a believer that God can’t ultimately turn towards His purpose.

Peace in the Lord,

Pastor Don